1. College Registrar
The Governing Board shall appoint a College Registrar who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the College and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the College.
The person holding the office of College Registrar shall, by virtue of that office, be secretary to the Governing Board and the Senate.
The College Registrar is responsible to the President for the implementation of all policies laid down by the Governing Board of the College.
No person is appointed as College Registrar unless he is a registered  medical or dental practitioner, a holder of a registrable postgraduate medical or dental qualification and Fellow of the College for not less than 10 years, duly registered as a specialist by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and with considerable academic and administrative experience.
B. Tenure of Office
The post of College Registrar is held as an appointment for a first term of Four (4) years which is renewable for another term of Four years only mutual agreement. The officer appointed is placed on the Consolidated Top Federal Public Office Holders’ Salary Structure (CONTOPSAL) 4.
2. Deputy Registrars (Academic & Administration)
The Governing Board shall appoint two Deputy Registrars, namely Deputy Registrar (Academic) and Deputy Registrar (Administration), who shall have been Fellows for not less than 8 years.
a. Eligibility
No person is appointed as Deputy Registrar unless he/she is a registered medical or dental practitioner, who has also been a Fellow of the College, duly registered for at least eight years as a specialist by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and with considerable administrative experience.
b. Tenure of the Deputy Registrars
The post of the Deputy Registrar shall generally be a pensionable appointment in line with medical tertiary institution appointments but suitable candidates may also be appointed on contract for specified duration.
c. Duties of the Deputy Registrars
Both Deputy Registrars are responsible to the College Registrar
i) The Deputy Registrar (Academic) shall have responsibility over the execution of academic programmes and conduct of examinations in the College.
ii) The Deputy Registrar (Administration) shall perform administrative functions in the College. The Deputy Registrars may have their duties interchanged and perform any other duties that may be assigned to them.

The Registrar’s Office

This office is the clearing house for all correspondences to College.
All Heads of departments (HOD) report to the College Registrar.
In addition, the HOD of Internal Audit and the Information and Protocol Officer have a direct link to the College President.
This Registrar office has a Chief Confidential Secretary (CCS) who sees to the day-to-day operations of this office.  She is assisted by two (2) Clerical Staff.
The CCS in the President’s Office works with the College Registrar when the College President is not in College.  The Units in this Office are Security with Chief Security Officer as Head and the Information Technology Unit, which is headed by a Systems Engineer.


There are six (6) departments in College namely:

(a) General Administration

(b) Academic

(c) Faculty Affairs Department

(d) Finance and Supplies Department

(e) Internal Audit

(f) Works and Planning Department



(a) General Administration: – Head is Deputy Registrar (Administration)

This department handles General administrative matters which include Establishment, Insurance, Pensions, Governing Board matters and Training.

The Procurement unit is domiciled in this department as well as the newly created Ventures Unit and the Information and Protocol Unit.

(b) Academic – Head is Deputy Registrar (Academic)

This department handles all academic matters such as registration for Fellowship examinations, processing of examination forms, and production of examination numbers and general coordination of examinations, collation and release of results.  This department organizes the Research Methodology Workshop twice a year.

The Journal Unit, Library, Museum and Biomedical Communication Units are in this department.  The Biomedical Communication staff is presently working in General Administration but is released whenever there is biomedical schedule.

(c) Faculty Affairs Department

This Department is headed by the Deputy Secretary.

This department keeps the record of all Fellows of the College and updates them regularly.  This department collects annual dues, development levies and other levies from Fellows.  Fellowship certificates are released by this department.

The Deputy Secretary is the anchor person for the Annual Scientific Conference and all Fellows Congress.  The Department is charged with the preparation for and the conduct of Senate meetings, Business Committee of Senate and Faculty Board meetings.  The department provides administrative support in organizing convocation ceremonies.

(d) Finance and Supplies Department

This department is headed by the Chief Accountant.  The department sees to financial matters in College and administers the Stores.

It prepares the annual budget and makes materials available to the external auditor for the yearly audit exercise.

(e) Internal Audit

This department is headed by the Chief  Accountant (Internal Auditor).

The Department applies internal control on financial and other audit related matters.

(f) Works and Planning Department

This is headed by a Chief Engineer.

This department handles general maintenance (Electrical/Mechanical) in College.  The transport unit belongs here.