Candidates are qualified to sit for the Part I Fellowship Examination at the end of the first 24 to 36 months of Residency training (Junior Residency). This examination is administered to test cognitive knowledge and basic professional skills in the relevant discipline represented by each Faculty.
The format for this examination varies from Faculty to Faculty and details are provided in each Faculty’s Handbook.

Basic requirements are as follows:

1. Basic Medical or Dental Degree Certificate

2. NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate

3. Certificate/Evidence of payment of Full registration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria

4. Certificate of Training (valid for TWO years/maximum of 4 consecutive Examinations). However, form should be freshly completed and signed for each examination.

5. Annual Progress Report: A minimum of two reports for the two previous consecutive years are required

6. Primary Result or Certificate of Exemption. (Candidates with exemption would be eligible to apply for         examination one year after exemption from Primary is granted by Senate. This is in addition to minimum of 24 months postings as reflected in the Certificate of Training.

7. Update/Revision Course as specified by Faculty, but minimum time validity should be anytime in the preceding year.

8. Clinical Log Book where applicable

9. Up-to-date Associate Fellowship Annual Subscription (AFAS)

10. Accepted Pre Part I Case Book (Obstetrics & Gynaecology candidates only)