Commencement of Registration for March/April/May 2017 Fellowship Examinations

Registrations is opened for the March/April/May 2017 Fellowship Examinations.

Primary Fellowship Examination will hold in all Specialties (Faculties) on Wednesday March 22, 2017 in the eight (8) accredited Examination Centres as follows: Abuja, Benin, Calabar, Enugu, Ile-Ife, Ilorin, Lagos and Owerri
EXAMINATION FEES: Forty thousand naira (₦40,000.00) only for all Faculties.

Part I Screening Examination will be Computer Based Test (CBT)
The Screening Examination in all Faculties will hold on Thursday March 23, 2017 in the five (5) accredited Centres as follows: Abuja, Enugu, Ilorin, Lagos and Owerri
The particular address will be communicated to eligible candidates only.
Only successful candidates in the Screening Examination will be invited for the concluding part of the examination consisting of Written, Clinical/Practical and Orals in April/May 2017.
A. Faculties of Dental Surgery and Pathology – ₦100,000 only.
B. Faculties of Family Dentistry (GDP), Ophthalmology, Public Health, Oto-Rhino-Laryngology – ₦80,000 only
C. Faculties of Anaesthesia, Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery and Orthopaedics – ₦60,000 only

Part II Fellowship Examinations in all faculties will hold in April/May 2017 in the usual format.
A. Faculties of Dental Surgery, Pathology, Internal Medicine and Surgery – ₦140,000 only.
B. Faculties of Anaesthesia, Family Medicine, Family Dentistry (GDP), Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Public Health, Radiology, Orthopaedics and Oto-Rhino-Laryngology – ₦100,000 only

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