Postgraduate Diploma in Anaesthesia Programme

The aim of the programme is to train qualified medical officers as middle level manpower to administer safe anaesthesia in the country. There should be at least one physician anaesthetist in a primary or secondary health facility where surgery is performed so that the expected degree of safety can be guaranteed.


  • Candidates must be medically qualified with a qualification (M.B.,B.S. or equivalent) that is registrable with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN)
  • The candidate must have completed a one-year rotational pre-registration internship in Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, and, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • The candidate must possess the NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate

The training will be full time for 12 calendar months. By the time the candidate applies to sit the examination, he/she must have completed uninterrupted 12 calendar months training in an accredited institution. All institutions accredited for Fellowship training can train candidates for the Diploma in Anaesthesia programme


  • Registration for the Programme with the College at the beginning of training or before/during the intended examination.
  • Completion of 12 uninterrupted training in accredited institution
  • Possession of the MBBS certificate or its equivalent registrable with the MDCN.
  • Possession of the NYSC Discharge/Exemption certificate.
  • Full MDCN registration certificate and current practicing license.
  • Log book of 500 cases with appropriate distribution in subspecialties as specified in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Certificate of Training duly signed by the Head of Training Institution or his/her designated representative.
  • Copies of 3 -7 above must be submitted with duly completed application forms.