Diploma in Family Medicine Programme

The Diploma in Family Medicine Programme is designed to be a part-time course (mostly one weekend per month) of 18 months. There are 3 groups running the program in the North, East and Southwest Zones. The groups will meet on most Friday afternoons and Saturdays of designated weekends for lectures, practicals and demonstrations. The course period is divided into 6 quarters. And 3 modules will be covered every quarter with a terminal test after each module. At the end of every quarter there will be a continuous assessment test these previous assessments will contribute to the final exam scores.
Lectures are given using powerpoints. Practicals consist of demonstrations and hands-on skills acquisition at designated centres. Candidates are expected to make a minimum of 75% attendance at lectures and 75% attendance at the practicals/clinicals during each quarter. During the 18-month period, he/she is expected to attend 2 workshops and 1 Revision course.
The distance learning aspect of the program is being strengthened to achieve greater interactions between enrollees and designated lecturers in between one-on-one weekend interactions.

All enrollees are expected to register with the College as an Associate Diplomate.

Requirements for completion of Diploma in Family Medicine
1. Pass in MCQ for all modules.
2. Assignments passed for all modules.
3. Log book satisfactorily completed.
4. 2 workshops and 1 revision course fully attended.
5. Pass end of semester assessments.
6. Pass College final exams.
7. No financial indebtedness to the College or Faculty
8. Strict observance of the rules and regulations of the programme.

What Certificate Will Be Obtained

Successful completion of the programme will lead to award of the postgraduate diploma in Family Medicine (PGDFM). This certificate would be registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN). A possessor of this certificate would be able to provide comprehensive first contact care to all patients at any point of care in the country. He/she should be a valuable asset for any health care facility anywhere in the country.