Fellowship by Election

Application fee: Non-Refundable Application fee of ₦100,000.00 (one hundred thousand naira only) to be paid through the College eportal.

Academic/Professional Qualifications:
A doctor to be considered for the award of Fellowship by election MUST:

  1. Possess a Postgraduate Medical qualification registrable with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and acceptable to the College.
  2. Have been medically qualified for at least 20 years.
  3. Have spent not less than 15 years in the Specialty into which Fellowship is sought. This refers to 15 post-qualification years of active practice and will not include the years of training.
  4. Experience in postgraduate medical training and dissertation supervision evident by the provision of a minimum of five (fellowship, MD, or Ph.D.) dissertations the applicants have successfully supervised.
  5. The applicant must have published a minimum of five manuscripts in high-impact peer-review journals that must be visible on the PubMed database as the first or corresponding Author.
  6. A non-Nigerian who has satisfied items 1-5, must in addition, have made recognized and acceptable contributions to the training and practice in Nigeria, in the Specialty to which Fellowship is being sought.

Any doctor who has attempted a non-reciprocal part of this College’s Fellowship Examination in the last 15 years cannot be considered for the Fellowship Award by Election.

The process leading to the Award
A candidate wishing to be considered for the Fellowship Award of the College by Election should register on the College eportal.
Each application must be supported in writing by two financial Fellows of the Faculty into which Fellowship is desired.
The Faculty Board shall consider the submitted application along with the detailed Curriculum Vitae of the candidate, and in the case of a non-Nigerian candidate, shall in addition consider written works submitted by the candidate in order to adjudge the requirement of “recognized” and acceptable contribution(s) in Nigeria”. The Faculty Board may or may not invite the candidate for an interview or any further examination.
The Faculty Board shall return a written verdict (with reasons) along with all relevant papers to the Senate Committee on Credentials and Fellowship Award by Election (hereinafter referred to as S.C.C.F.A.)
The SCCFA must of necessity co-opt into its meeting the Secretary of any Faculty who has recommendations to defend.
The absence of a Faculty Secretary, who has been duly served notice of the meeting, will not stop the Committee from considering the recommendation(s).
Any Faculty absent at the Committee meeting would have a second opportunity to defend its position in Senate.
The Senate shall consider the recommendation of the Committee and if acceptable, approve the same.
The College Registrar (and not individual Faculties) shall communicate the Senate approval to candidates.
A successful candidate will only be able to enjoy the privileges of Fellowship after he or she has paid all prescribed fees usually covering the cost of all parts of the Examinations obtaining in the Faculty into which Fellowship by Election has been approved as well as the Fellowship Admission Fee.