Guidelines for Research Proposal

Effective from 26th February 2018, all dissertation proposal submitted to NPMCN by post-part 1 candidates must be through NPMCN eportal.
Candidates are to access the proposal section of the ePortal and pay the prescribed fees of thirty thousand naira through the eportal. Candidates are to provide this basic information listed below when submitting their proposal for assessment on the eportal:
1. Full name of candidate (compulsory)
2. Email address (compulsory)
3. Phone number (compulsory)
4. Date of birth (compulsory)
5. Gender (compulsory)
6. Faculty (compulsory)
7. Training Institution (compulsory)
8. Institution address (compulsory)
9. Date pass Part 1(compulsory)
10. Sub-specialty (If applicable)
11. Associate Fellow number (compulsory)
12. Name of supervisors (compulsory)
13. Name of Head of department (compulsory)
14. Proposed location of study

The following documents should be uploaded by candidates:
1. Title page in pdf format (Compulsory)
2. Declaration page in pdf format (Compulsory)
3. Attestation and certification page with signatures of candidate, supervisor(s) and Head of Department in pdf format (Compulsory)
4. Scanned Letter of approval by the institution Ethical Review Committee in pdf format (Compulsory)
5. The main body of the dissertation proposal for assesment in Microsoft Word format. (Compulsory)
6. Admission letter as an Associate Fellow of NPMCN in pdf format (If applicable)
7. Part 1 NPMCN examination success letter or Exemption from NPMCN Part 1 exam in pdf format (Compulsory)

All Faculties are involved in the writing of Dissertation. This involves the FORMATIVE STAGE which involves developing A RESEARCH PROPOSAL. Guidelines are needed for uniformity in the presentations of Research Proposals.

Click here to download Guidelines for Research Proposal.