Guidelines on Payment to College

The following Payments are to be made through remita: Accreditation Fee, Assessment Fee, Associate Fellows Admission Fee, Contractors/Suppliers Registration Fee, Convocation Fee, Diplomate Admission Fee, Diplomate Examination Fee, Fellows Customized Car Number plate, Fellowship Award by Election Fee, Guest Chalet Accommodation, Rent of Hall, Transcript/Result Verification/Certification of Certificate Fee, Research Methodology Workshop Fee, Health Resources Management Workshop Fee

a. Log on to

b.Click “Pay a Federal Government Agency” link
c. Enter ” National post”
d. Click on National postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria
e. Select service/purpose. eg. Assessment fee, Accreditation fee, Hall Rentals, Course/Workshop fee e.t.c. ( from the draw down)
f. Fill other details.
g. Click proceed to payment.
h. Select how you want to pay eg. ATM Cards,Bank Branch etc.
i. Complete payment
j. Print RRR receipt.
k. Send copy of receipt to the College.

Payment of Fellows and Associate Fellows Dues

The following Dues: Fellows, Associate Fellows (AFAS) and Development levy are payable to Fellows Dues Account at Zenith Bank Account Number 1010778138, Sort Code 057150437.
Full Payment should be made directly through Bank Draft, Funds Transfer or Online with ATM Cards.