Implementation of review of Examination and other Fees as approved by the Governing Board


This is to inform all Fellows, Associate Fellows and Diplomates of the College that the Governing Board approved the review of Examination and other fees effective Friday 1st April 2022.

The review fees are as follows:

Activity Approved Fee
MD Admission and Convocation ₦450, 000.00
Fellowship Convocation ₦150,000.00
Diplomate Convocation ₦250,000.00
Transcript ₦100,000.00
Development Levy ₦200,000.00
Primary ₦100,000.00
Exemption from Primary ₦150,000.00
Part One
Dental Surg./Public Health/ Pathology/ORLHNS/Orthopaedics ₦300,000.00
Others ₦250,000.00
Part Two
Dental Surgery/Pathology/Internal Medicine/Surgery ₦400,000.00
Others ₦350,000.00
Proposal Assessment ₦60,000.00
Fellows Dues ₦50,000.00
Associate Fellow Registration ₦50,000.00
Associate Fellows Due ₦25,000.00
MD Application Form ₦50, 000.00
Diploma  Examination ₦200, 000.00
Life Fellow Membership ₦500, 000.00


 Dr.  F. A. Arogundade, MD, FMCP
College Registrar

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