September/October/November 2015 Fellowship Examinations

The National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria announces the commencement of registration for the September/October/November 2015 Fellowship Examinations.


Applicants are advised to check the eligibility criteria for the examination and also to familiarize themselves with the requirements of their respective Faculties for entry to sit for the examinations.
The submission of incomplete forms/documents shall lead to disqualification and College shall not enter into any correspondence with such applicants.


Only Fellows who are in good financial standing with the College are eligible to attest to applications and recommend candidates for the College examinations.

The September 2015 Primary Fellowship Examination of the College will hold in all Specialties (Faculties) on Tuesday September 29, 2015 in the eight (8) accredited Examination Centres

EXAMINATION FEES: Forty thousand naira (₦40,000.00) only for all Faculties.

The September/October/November 2015 Part I Fellowship Examinations of the College will hold as follows:

A.        Two-Stage Part I Fellowship Examination
The following Faculties will conduct the Two-Stage Part I Fellowship Examinations in September/October/November 2015:
Anaesthesia, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Pathology, Public Health, Radiology, Surgery and Oto-Rhino-Laryngology.
The First Stage (Multiple Choice Questions) of Part I Fellowship Examination in these 9 Faculties will hold on Wednesday September 30,  2015 in the 3 Examination Centres.
Only successful candidates  in the First Stage  will be invited for the Second Stage of the examination consisting of Written, Clinical/Practical and Orals in the usual format.

B.       Part I Fellowship Examinations in other Faculties, namely Dental Surgery, General Dental Practice, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry and Orthopaedics will hold in October/November 2015.
All candidates in the above faculties would sit for all parts of the Examinations: Written (MCQ/Essay), Clinical/ Practical/Orals as applicable to them and in the usual format.


  1. Faculties of Dental Surgery and Pathology – ₦100,000 only.
  2. Faculties of General Dental Practice, Ophthalmology, Public Health, Oto-Rhino-Laryngology – ₦80,000 only
  3. Faculties of Anaesthesia, Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery and Orthopaedics – ₦60,000 only
    1. Part II Fellowship Examinations in all faculties will hold in October/November 2015 in the usual format.


      1. Faculties of Dental Surgery, Pathology, Internal Medicine and Surgery – ₦140,000 only.
      2. Faculties of Anaesthesia, Family Medicine, General Dental Practice, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Public Health, Radiology, Orthopaedics and Oto-Rhino-Laryngology – ₦100,000  only
Associate Fellows Annual Subscription (AFAS) Parts I & II/Development Levy Part I Only
Candidates are to ensure that all outstanding Associate Fellows’ Annual Subscription of ten thousand naira (₦10,000.00) annually with effect from 2015 are paid on or before 31st January 2015 for all College Examinations holding in 2015.

Please note that this payment is ANNUAL irrespective of whether an examination will be taken or not. Late payment beyond this date will attract a penalty of ten thousand naira (₦10,000.00) annually per candidate.

All fresh applicants for Part I are to pay Development Levy of ten thousand naira (₦10,000.00) only.

All prospective Part I candidates are required to register as Associate Fellow and pay the sum of thirty thousand naira (₦30,000.00k) Associate Fellow Registration fee. Click here to register

Payment for AFAS and Development Levy should be made ONLY into the Fellows Account with Zenith Bank PLC, Aguda Branch, Lagos: Account No: 1010778138, Sort Code 057150437. Full Payment should be made directly into the College Accounts through Bank Draft, Funds Transfer or Online with ATM Cards. CASH AND PERSONAL CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

All candidates should write their names, addresses, Faculty and the Part of the fellowship examination that they intend to sit for at the back of the bank slip for confirmation of payment or print-out of confirmation for online payment.

Visit the Examination Portal to register and make payment for the examination online.

Payment can be made online through Quickteller OR Candidates can take the transaction ID generated online to any bank and request to make payment using PAYDIRECT.

After successful registration, candidates are to download the completed registration forms accompanied by all relevant documents, sign the necessary sections and send to the College Registrar at the College address.

<strong>CLOSING DATE</strong>
Completed application forms accompanied by all relevant documents should reach the College Registrar at the College address not later than Friday July 31, 2015. Please remember to post-code your self-addressed and stamped envelopes.
<strong>LATE ENTRY</strong>
Applications received after the closing date will be treated as late entry. A late entry fee of Twenty thousand naira (₦20,000.00k) only per candidate will be charged. Submission of late forms will be allowed for a period of two (2) weeks only from the original closing date. Applications received after the late entry deadline will NOT be processed for the current examination.
For further enquires, please:
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Professor O. A. Atoyebi, FMCS
College Registrar