The College President, Dr. Musa M. Borodo, FMCP, PNMC, on behalf of the Governing Board, Senate, all Fellows and the entire staff of the College regret to announce the transition to glory of our Past President, Dr. Leonard Idowu Dovi Kufeji, FMCS, PNMC, DFMC who died on Saturday June 27, 2020 at the age of 76.

Dr. Kufeji was a Fellow and the former Chairman of the Faculty of Surgery of the College, Past President and Distinguished Fellow of the College. He was an asset to the Faculty of Surgery and he contributed immensely to the creation of the Faculty of Orthopaedics of the College. His contributions towards the growth and development of the Faculties of Surgery and Orthopaedics would be greatly missed.

He was an astute administrator while he served the College as Faculty Chairman, College vice President, College President, and the Chairman of Past President Forum. The College appreciates his great contributions to its success. He was a very Polite, focused, and dedicated fellow of the College. Kindly click here to send your tributes or share a memory