This payment option is for Fellows Dues only not Associate Fellows Annual Subscription (AFAS)
AFAS which is for Residents is payable online through the eportal. Any other mode of payment for AFAS will not be honoured or refunded

Fellows Dues are payable to Fellows Dues Account below:
Bank: Zenith Bank
Account Number: 1010778138
Full Payment should be made directly through funds Transfer ONLY into the Account.
Kindly forward your Full name, Faculty and evidence of payment to,

Faculty of Anaesthesia

Faculty of Dental Surgery

Faculty of Family Medicine

Faculty of Family Dentistry

Faculty of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Faculty of Ophthalmology

Faculty of Paediatrics

 Faculty of Pathology

Faculty of Internal Medicine

Faculty of Psychiatry

Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Radiology

Faculty of Surgery

Faculty of Otorhinolaryngology

 Faculty of Orthopaedics