Guidelines on how to activate College Email and Eportal Account

1st Guide
1.     Using a computer system, if you have a Gmail account already, click on “add account”
If not, go to, Click on “sign in” OR Using a mobile device, go to settings, click on add account and select google
2.      Type in your NPMCN official mail
3.      Type in the default password which is password
4.      Change the default password to your desired password
5.     Set your recovery details, phone number and alternative email so that you can reset your password in future.
2nd Guide
1.      Go to
2.      Please click on the “Resend Confirmation Link” tab in the login page below the “I forgot my Password” tab. Please enter your College mail and click “Submit”
3.      The ePortal system will automatically send a new email with confirmation link and login details which is valid for 24 hours.
4.      Please check both the inbox and junk/spam mail of the official NPMCN email for the confirmation email.
5.      Follow the instructions in the mail to activate your account.
6.     When copying the default password, do not copy space before or after the character
7.     As soon as you gain access to your eportal account,  please go to profile to edit your contact address and update your details.

You can contact us on Whatsapp  08069240745 for further enquires.