Tackling the Issue of Lapsed Accreditation

1. Senate approved that there should be a strong warning to all training centres that institutions found to have deceived Accreditation teams to secure accreditation, would have their accreditation, if granted, automatically withdrawn. Fellows in such departments would be sanctioned by being barred from participating in Training and examinations for 2-5 years.

2. Institutions tend to relax even after their previous accreditations have lapse presuming that until the College visits, their previous accreditation remains valid irrespective of date.

To tackle this state of complacency: the Senate also agreed on the following:

(a) That lapsing of accreditation is automatic at the expiration of the period of last accreditation. This is irrespective of whether College has visited or not, or whether there was a reminder or not.

(b) Similarly when accreditation is renewed, it takes effect from the date of visitation or date of approval by Senate in case of first time accreditation.

(c) Any training done during the period of lapsed or non-accreditation is invalid and will not be recognised for examinations.

(d) No institution without accreditation at the time of the Business Committee of Senate meeting shall sign up candidates for examinations.

(e) The only valid link for communication between a Training institution and the College as far as examinations are concerned is a subsisting accreditation.

(f) Candidates from institutions without accreditation may only be signed up for examination by another accredited institution provided they fulfill all the following:
• Have been on posting with the external institutions for a period of not less than six months
• Certificate of Training is signed up as candidates of the external institution
• Candidates must have completed all relevant postings during period of valid accreditation in original institution or in other accredited institutions
• Candidates must fulfill all other requirements for examination.

Rules as Regards External Posting
Senate approved the following rules for external postings:
The following documents must be submitted along with application forms:
a. Copy of application seeking such postings stating indication and duration
b. Copy of acceptance letter by the external institution
c. Certificate of completion of posting from the external institution jointly signed by the Head of such department and the CMAC, indicating dates of resumption and completion of such postings
d. Copies of the log book of activities carried out or participated in during the external posting duly signed by the trainers in such institutions.

Dr. O. A, Atoyebi, FMCS
College Registrar